Alyssa O'Toole

Known for her fierce devotion to making music accessible and enjoyable for everyone, Alyssa has made her mark as one of the nation’s most innovative musicians and music educators. Since the age of eight, Alyssa has been studying piano and writing original compositions. Her sophisticated understanding of sound and intense love for the piano at such a young age caught the attention of distinguished pianist Vera Brindisi. Brindisi trained Alyssa for the remainder of her adolescent years, and ultimately prepared her for entry to competitive music programs. Most recently, Alyssa was accepted to New England Conservatory’s Continuing Education program where she studied underneath internationally renowned pianists Dr. Deborah Nemko (classical piano) and Eyran Katsenelenbogen (jazz piano). As Alyssa has matured in both her playing and composing abilities, she has found a love and talent for performing at weddings, cocktail hours, and even yoga classes. She has also written numerous piano scores for film and pedagogical purposes. Her sound is a perfect cross between simplicity and complexity – creating an easy-listening experience but with charm very few can offer. In 2012, Alyssa’s deep love of music and people led her to open “Musicians’ Playground" (MP) - currently one of Boston’s fastest growing and most popular music studios for adults and children alike. Since its inception, and under the direction of O’Toole, MP has seen remarkable growth and is expected to open in several other major cities over the next few years. Bostonians love MP for its unique atmosphere, program offerings, and modern approaches to teaching and learning music. It fosters an unparalleled sense of community, offers a high-end and customized experience for each individual, and advocates making music as a lifestyle choice that leads to greater happiness and personal achievement. Alyssa’s success with Musicians’ Playground, motivated her to spread her net even wider and touch the lives of countless others across the nation through “The Hands Movement”. The Hands Movement seeks to offer individuals of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn and play piano. With the help of partners at local Yamaha retailers across the country, Alyssa arranges for pianos to be set up outdoors in busy parts of cities. She then teaches people passing by who are drawn to the piano, how to play parts of an original song she writes for each event. In the end, the hands and reactions of the participants in each city come together to create one complete song - proving an important concept: there is no such thing as musician or non-musician, too late or too early, and no amount of inadequacy or inexperience can stop us from feeling the happiness of making music as human beings. Today, The Hands Movement continues to affect the lives of countless individuals in incredible ways and is hailed for being one of the most powerful music education movements of our time. Through all her ventures Alyssa advocates that her sincerest hope is to see the day when making music is widely exercised for its exclusive and inherent power to unify, inspire, and bring peace and happiness to all. And for everyone to be able to see and feel, with no reservations, the amazing benefits embracing such an authentic act can uniquely produce.




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